Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Year In Books - April / May

I know I missed April, I had my head stuck in radiation physics textbooks and I am sure you would prefer me not to share my thoughts on these! Although I also managed to read some of my favourite magazines and I actually snuck in a book too.  I picked up 'From Notting Hill to New York Actually' by Ali McNamara in the library book sale, having seen a review for it a while ago in Red.  This was a fabulous story set in New York that I actually found very hard to put down.  With main characters that I could easily relate to and a storyline that was emotive, fun and verged on the romantic tales from Sex in the City, I did not really want it to end.  Infact I loved it so much the day after I finished reading it I reserved the first of Ali's books 'From Notting Hill with Love Actually' so that I can join most of the characters again very soon.  Just be sure to add either of these to your hand luggage this summer, I promise you will not be disappointed.

So for May I have chosen a book I have been waiting to read for a while.  As a huge Harry Potter fan I was of course delighted that Ms Rowling put pen to paper again for some more adult adventures.  I read The Cuckoo's Calling last year, devouring it very quickly so this month I am delving between the electronic pages of The Casual Vacancy, which I had squirreled away on my iPad.  Let's just hope it doesn't disppoint!

So what are you reading at the moment? I would love to know.  Perhaps you are looking for inspiration, be sure to visit Circle of Pines blog to see what many of us are reading for the year in books series.

Until next time, take care.

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  1. Sounds like some interesting reads. Will be interesting to see what you think of The Casual Vacancy.