Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Portfolio Careers - Can We Really Have It All?

I read about portfolio careers a couple of years ago and really liked the whole concept.  Having read about this still fairly new idea again recently, it got me thinking.  Portfolio careers could be the perfect way to trial a new career idea.  Imagine being able to finally be a florist after spending hours in your current job daydreaming? By following a portfolio career path you could afford to work in a flower shop a couple of days a week whilst continuing in your current career, by simply requesting part time hours. This would seem the perfect idea if like me you like to mix things up a bit and a normal 9-5 career path doesn't fit with your ideal.  No more boredom, just weeks of working in two or even three jobs, that most importantly you want to do.

But does this all sound too good to be true? A friend has managed to find a happy balance mixing up consultancy work from her old career and two days a week in her new career.  Another friend is about to relaunch her career, mixing up her writing work with brand styling consultancy.  Portfolio careers do not have to follow extremely different paths, you could mix and match similar jobs, specialising in your field, becoming a consultant.  It would seem to me the possibilities are endless and could be the answer we have been looking for, whether we are mothers or not.  Becoming our own boss whilst still being on somebody elses payroll.  

Have you found the solution through a portfolio career? Is this an idea that appeals to you? I would really love to hear from you, to share if this idea is having your cake and eating it!

Until next time, take care.

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