Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Fun as a Morrisons Mum

I am sure many of you that follow me on Twitter and Instagram have seen me sharing various foodie images this weekend.  Well I have busy taking part in some bank holiday fun with Morrisons and BritMums.  For many years I have been a big fan of online supermarket shopping, saving me time and I am sure money.  So I was actually quite excited at the prospect of heading to a supermarket for more than a few midweek stock up items.  I have to admit I had never been to Morrisons, partly due to the fact that we don't have one in close vicinity to our house.  So off we headed, armed with a shopping list.

The Ipswich store is tucked away and on  a Saturday afternoon wasn't nearly as busy as some other supermarkets.  The store was inviting, with the promise of savings and good value in the form of overhead banners and bright signs above shelves of fresh produce.  The market place feel was fun and meant we could get most of the things we needed before heading into the aisles.  I actually liked this and enjoyed choosing a selection of fresh fruit, veggies, cold meats, cheese and various breads without clashing trolleys in squashed aisles.  So far so good!  Continuing to fill the trolley as we headed up the uncluttered aisles we were pleasantly surprised at the prices.  Whilst some were special offers for that week others were part of the new long term price reductions Morrisons introduced last week. With rump steak half price per kilo, we had a lovely treat as part of a Tex Mex dinner we had planned and breaded fresh cod fillets at only £2 for four, I was welcome of the reduction with five always hungry children to feed. Fresh croissants for breakfast on Sunday were another delicious treat, at 5 for £1.20 it  would be silly not to!  

So will I be switching allegiance to Morrisons?  Maybe, if they start home delivery.  The products were fresh, well presented, with plenty of choice.  Above all the staff were all very helpful and friendly, so this rare trip to a supermarket on a Saturday afternoon was actually an enjoyable and budget friendly experience.  

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to doing your weekly shop? Or are you a bargain hunter, happy to show no loyalty to a particular supermarket chain?

Until next time, take care.

This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Morrisons.

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