Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Four Months In

Yes I know it's been a while since I wrote here but life has been busy.  It is now four months since I started my new job.  Having spent three years juggling studying and clinical placements with family life I thought working full time would be a breeze.  In all honesty it's exhausting!  Even though I am not actually studying at the moment the learning curve as a newly qualified radiographer is very steep.  Every shift you work you are still learning, improving on the skills you gained as a student and developing as a professional person.  These past four months I have learnt so much, gaining confidence in my skills and ability.  Yet I know there is still so much I will have to learn, skills to develop.  But the best part is that I work with an amazing team who support me as I gain confidence and are constantly teaching me more about the actual job.  

So four months in do I have any regrets? Do I still love the career I chose?  Thankfully no regrets, although there are days when I wish I could be home in half an hour instead of an hour and ten minutes!  But how many people realistically work close to home? Probably not that many and if so is it out of convenience rather than choosing the better place to work?  And of course I still love my new career.  As somebody who loves to learn this is the ideal career for me.  I know that I can study again in the near future, starting my Masters.  I would also still love to be involved in research, helping to improve service delivery, gaining a better understanding about cancer and its impact on peoples lives, throughout treatment and beyond.  Those long drives home are perfect for exploring ideas that are brewing in my head.  But for now I need to focus on completing my preceptorship and being the best radiographer I can be.

Until next time, take care.