Sunday, 26 June 2016

Saying Goodbye to School.

Well it has been a busy few weeks in our house.  Exams a plenty with Connor taking his A levels, Jack having some AS level exams as well as Lucy and Amber having end of year exams. Thankfully this summer Kitty has escaped the rigourous testing our children are put through far too often, although we are still having to practice for the weekly spellings and times table tests.  Whilst there has been worrying and stress levels did increase I have been incredibly impressed with how my children have coped.  Maybe being constantly tested every year at school has paid off, they can all cope with exam stress.  However they all have different approaches to revision and I will be ensuring Amber is more organised and will be helping Lucy feel less panicky about the actual exams with practice papers before next summers GCSE exams.

With exams over this week has seen us reach some milestones.  Yesterday we all donned wedding worthy outfits and headed to the Leavers Day at Woodbridge School to celebrate Connor and his friends leaving school.  After a truly lovely and inspirational service in the school chapel we briskly ran through a short sharp shower across to the dining hall for pre-lunch drinks.  Over lunch we looked at the yearbook, reflected on Connors time at Woodbridge and contemplated the next part of his adventure.  As a mother you watch eagerly as your children grow into well mannered, funny, intelligent and beautiful people, sometimes wishing that they would hurry up and get to the next stage.  Those days when toddler tantrums are too much for your exhausted self to cope with, that another day of arguing with a confident, expressive teen is just too much.  But right now I just want to take some time, to stop the merry go round for a little while to enjoy moments with my children before I blink and they have all grown up and headed off on adventures when they no longer need me to wash their dirty sports kit or kiss grazed knees.  

So we made it through exam time, no mean feat and closed the chapter on Connor's schooldays but we have reached the best part of summer. Time for fun, festivals, days on the beach...well that is if the rain ever stops!  

Until next time, take care.