Monday, 5 May 2014

The Promise of the Festival Season

Our Trip to Camp Bestival 2012

Today the sun feels a little warmer as it coats my arms whilst hanging out the washing.  The garden is openly worshiping this warm glow and our thoughts turn to plans for the summer.  Whilst we are not regular festival attendees we do love a family festival and seem to have spent most of the weekend discussing a roadtrip to Dorset for our favourite, Camp Bestival.  For us, this is the perfectly sized festival, with plenty to keep us amused and entertained, although the boys are a little reluctant as they claim there isn't much for teenagers to do.  Well I quickly rectified this by making them fill out the questionnaire the Camp Bestival team put together in preparation of making what seems to be a special teen zone.  Although now they are older I can trust them to head off to the Comedy Tent in the evening if they don't want to join us at the Castle Stage.   

I noticed over the weekend whilst perusing this months Camping Magazine, they had a great feature about family festivals, with top tips for getting the most out of your time and making sure you pack the essentials. Festival camping is very different to campsite camping, you need to be prepared to have very close neighbours, nowhere to refreeze your ice packs and long queues for the showers.  But this can add to the fun of the whole experience.  Knowing that the showers are quieter in the afternoon means you can head back to camp for a siesta and shower.  This is one of my top festival tips and I am sure you all have plenty more! 

So are you heading off to a festival or two this summer? I would love to know which is your favourite.

Until next time, take care.

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