Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Festivals and My Frizzy Hair

Yes it's true, I have frizzy hair.  The invention of straightners has of course aided my daily plight in taming my locks and as long as the air isn't too humid I can pass off having straight locks.  Adding to my frizz issue is the natural wave that I try to tame, perhaps because I am really not sure how to make my waves stylish and not just a mess.  Obviously with our forthcoming trip to Camp Bestival and the thought of no straightners for a whole four days scares me.  I managed last time, tying my hair into a  fun side plait, perfect for festival styling.  But my hair is a little shorter now and I may not manage this fail safe option this time.  So dear readers I need your help, as the vast amount of products for wavy hair is quite honestly confusing! Is there something I pop on my wet or dry hair to make my waves work?  Answers on a postcard please....or in the comments below or tweet me. Thank you, I am relying on you guys to help me!

Until next time, take care.

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