Friday, 27 September 2013

Fit Before 40 - The First Ten Weeks

As I get that little bit closer to turning 40 (18 months to go) I have been thinking about my health and fitness levels.  After so many years being pre natal, post natal and a very tired mother of preschoolers, time to exercise was limited.  Also since moving to our village three years ago I seem to walk less.  Before when we lived in a town I would walk the children to school, which was almost a mile away, walk to the town and not even think of it as exercise.  This helped me trim down after having my youngest but now we live in a more rural setting the distance to school isn't quite so far.  Although my husband and I have a rule that we don't drive to somewhere in the village unless it's raining or very cold.  So the children walk to school, to brownies and guides, to panto rehearsals and the park.  But working from home made us live a more sedentary lifestyle.  

So starting my course last year made me think about my lack of exercise.  Obviously living a active healthy life is better for us and this becomes even more obvious in my new career.  Active and fit people tend to cope better with treatment. So in my last few weeks of clinical practice before the summer I was so tired and felt so unfit I decided to spend my summer getting fit. Seeing several people share the 30 Day Shred DVD on their Instagram feeds and Facebook pages and they were seeing results, I decided to give it a try.  

Ten weeks on I can say I feel a lot fitter, stronger and more toned.  I am not wanting to lose weight particularly, just to be fitter and toned, fit not thin, yet I have to admit I am a little slimmer, even other people have said!  Now I don't manage to workout everyday, but I do aim for four times a week.  Yes it means getting up half an hour earlier to fit it in and yes that can be hell.  But afterwards I feel good, taking time for me and looking after me.  This is something so many of us forget to do. Working mothers, whether we work at home or away from home, we rarely take time for ourselves.  Guilt and time restraints make us focus on the home, the family and forget that we are the motor that keeps all this going.  If we get poorly, are not taking care of ourselves, then things don't run quite so well.  This is of course true for women in general, we juggle so many things, children or no children, that often exercise isn't high on our list of priorities.  But I think we all need to find something we enjoy, whether it's taking the dog on a long walk, circuit training, running,yoga or swimming, then make time to do it at least three times a week.  As one of the big sportswear brands says 'Just Do It'!

I will be writing every so often about my progress, in a bid to get fit before I'm forty.  I plan to do a 10k race before I turn forty, but need to workout how to fit in running to my week! I also really want to do the Moonwalk in London next year, but need to persuade a friend or two to join me, as I really don't want to do it on my own.  

Have a fab weekend and until next time take care.

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