Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Another School Year Begins

This morning four of my children have headed back to school. Lucy has one more day, a day to enjoy some time with me as I also have a day off.  A new school year always holds so much anticipation.  Weighted down with high hopes and expectations, promise of fresh starts, new teachers and shiny new school shoes.  With my eldest starting in Year 11 today we enter the next level of schooling, GCSE's next summer, thoughts of choosing A level subjects and the task of attending sixth form open evenings.  For us this all new territory and I have to admit a little scary.  When did my little boy get so big and so close to heading out into the big wide world on his own? I want to treasure every moment even more so now, as I know very soon my nest won't be quite so full.

As well as looking at sixth form options we also have to chose and apply for Amber's high school place . She has headed off this morning as the eldest girl in her school, starting Year 6 with a mature attitude but always with a glimmer of fun in everything she does.  My beautiful fourth child will this time next year be dressed in a new uniform, entering a new school and making new friends alongside reuniting with old friends from her last primary school, having changed schools three years ago when we moved.  Again I want to press pause, just hold onto to these moments just a little bit longer.

My other three children all have exciting years ahead as well, Jack starts his GCSE years, entering Year 10, Lucy is no longer in the first year of high school and starts Year 8 and Kitty starts her last year in KS1 as she enters Year 2.  We are all excited to see what this new school year brings, many proud mummy moments I am sure.  

For everyone with children heading back to school this week I wish them luck, send virtual hugs and tissues to those with little ones starting school for the very first time.  I was devastated when one of my children headed off to school for their first time.  And for parents getting ready to deliver their children to a new city for the start of term at university, I send strength as I dread that day, when my children fly away to new beginnings without me.  Although I know they will live every moment to its fullest and when they need their washing doing will arrive home for the weekend!  

Until next time, take care.

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