Friday, 13 September 2013

Reluctant to Pack Away My Flipflops

Yes it is true I am reluctant to pack away my flip flops just yet.  I want Summer to stay and play for a while longer.  I am not quite ready for beef stew although we have readily enjoyed blackberry crumbles made with our haul from the bush at the bottom of the garden.  But warm fires and mugs of hot chocolate seem a far away thought.

It is too soon to hide the picnic basket into the back of the cupboard as I hope for just one more warm summery day on the beach.  I know it's September and I should consider taking a jumper, as there is a chill in the air, but I want to be free of several layers for just a little longer.

Yet I love driving through the lanes and seeing the trees change colour, greeted with the warm russets, orange and yellows.  The pheasants plumply toddle across the road and the tractors are busily finishing the harvest for another year.  Saturdays in the late autumnal sun beside the rugby pitch, wrapped up in a warm coat and scarf, cheering on my sons, watching through my fingers as they almost get sqaushed in the scrum.  Sunday afternoons spent crafting and playing scrabble, eating warm cake or crumpets. Maybe autumn isn't quite so bad?  But please just one more day of warm sun, so we can have one more picnic on the beach.  Then I will pack away my flip flops.

Until next time, take care.

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