Saturday, 14 September 2013

Help I have a magazine addiction

In between reading journals and textbooks I still love to read magazines and other books.  I guess my love for magazines grew when I was a freelance writer, but I can honestly say it goes way back before my writing days.  As a little girl I loved that my mum had Twinkle delivered for me with her newspaper and I then grew older and read Mizz, J17 and moved onto More as I progressed through my teens. Then Cosmo and Marie Claire were favourites of mine during my uni days.  Then at 23 I had my first child and I found myself reading parenting magazines and somewhere along the line discovered my favourite ever women's magazine, Eve. Sadly this magazine hasn't been in print for a few years and I now subscribe to Red, for my women's magazine fix.

Yet since those early days of motherhood and marriage we have moved to the countryside and so of course one of my monthly reads is Country Living.  This is one of my mainstay magazines and I know I will be reading it still in twenty years time.  Combining my love of the countryside and interiors I also reguarly read Country Homes and Interiors. I especially love this magazine in Autumn and leading up to Christmas as it always seems so cosy in their pages! 

The past couple of years has seen a surgance in craft magazines, but my favourite is still Mollie Makes.  Every page is a complete delight to read and every month I excitedly await it to land on my doormat. The crafty makes are always fab and my daughters and I have spent many afternoons making things and I love to read about  the designers lives and homes.  Obviously being a huge fan of Mollie Makes it was a natural progression to start reading The Simple Things, from the same publishing company.  I actually think I love this magazine even more than its sister mag! 

I may not read as many fashion and interiors magazines anymore, since leaving my career as a writer, but as you can see there are some magazines I simply cannot live without.  So what makes a good magazine, one that makes me want to subscribe, to read it forever?  A good page layout, images that speak to me, my lifestyle, stories that ignite interest or capture my imagination, pages that make me want to sit down or snuggle up with a cup of tea.  So what makes a good magazine for you? Do you have any favourites, past and present or ones you know you want to read forever?

Until next time, take care.

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