Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Celebrations and Cake

The past few days in our house have been full of celebrations and cake.  Last Thursday my eldest headed to school with my husband to collect his little handful of GCSE results.  He had taken three subjects a year early and we all hoped this had been the right decision.  However I guessed the safety net of retakes was always there in our subconscious.  Anyway he excitedly phoned me from school to share the news of an A*, A and a B.  The gamble had paid off.  I am so incredibly proud of him, he worked hard and the results highlighted this further.  We now head into unknown territory of Y11 and sixth form open evenings and applications. I fear the next few years will be a roller coaster ride of an adventure.

With the celebrations over from this exciting news birthday preparations commenced for yesterday and  Monday.  We celebrated my husbands birthday on the beach in gorgeous sunshine on Monday.  We are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the UK and with the beach just a twenty minute drive away it is our favourite place to escape to.  Yesterday was our younger sons fourteenth birthday.  I really cannot believe that he is this old already! Although he is much taller than me and looks older than his fourteen years.  Having been sent vouchers from family I whisked him off on a shopping trip before we celebrated at home, with more yummy cake and a cider.

Now the realisation has set in that my summer break is almost over as I head back to lectures on Monday. But for now I think I will just enjoy one more day of holiday before the madness and mayhem the words 'back to school' bring with them.

Until next time take care,

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  1. Well done to your eldest! Great results! Back to school bedlam here at the moment!