Friday, 2 August 2013


Hello and welcome to my new abode.  A new space to be me, to be creative as a writer, a little space to escape my very busy life.  As my five children grew up and didn't need me as much I started to think about what I wanted to do next, who I wanted to be.  I am still on this journey, but the most important job of my life is being a good mother.  Whatever I do my children will always be my priority, yet I also needed to be more than a mother. Hence the decision to change paths in my career, to help more people and push myself academically too. So last September I started a degree in radiotherapy and oncology.  A full time job in itself, hours of commuting when on clinical placement and swapping writing deadlines for essay deadlines. Yet I have loved every moment and taking the leap was the best thing I have done in several years!  Whilst I cannot write about my actual training I will be writing about the trials, tribulations and joys of retraining.

The simple things in life and living a creative life are also important to me.  However I have realised that over the past year my creativity had been packed away whilst I concentrated on my new career path.  Now on summer break from lectures and clinical placements I have had time to stop and ponder.  I realised writing is a huge part of my creative life aswell as making things for our home and for my children.  So here I am, a new blog, just me, no sponsors, no businesses vying for product placements.  Somewhere I can be me, share my journey of retraining, finding myself again.  There may not be pretty pinboards in every post like my previous blogs, just some good ol' honest writing.

As I head towards turning forty I seem to be setting myself goals, to make me a fitter, better person, so I am sure I will be sharing this with you all too!

So a whole blank page awaits me, an exciting adventure ensues................

Until next time, take care,

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