Monday, 5 August 2013

Fit Not Thin

I was delighted to see that at last size zero was not being celebrated this weekend. A broadsheet newspaper was advocating a fit and healthy image rather than encouraging women and girls to be stick insects.  As a mother of three daughters I am completely in support of The Sunday Times Style magazine's 'Fit NotThin' campaign.  Having decided to get fit, more toned and stronger this summer I am aware of the difference regular exercise has on me.  I feel healthier, happier and am hoping will be stronger soon.  Retraining to do a physically demanding job I need to be stronger as well as protecting my back to ensure I can work for years to come. 

So this summer I have started The 30 Day Shred, which is proving physically challenging as well as running four times a week with Amber, my ten year old.  I will also be making sure I continue with Pilates.  All this activity has also inspired my husband to start running again, so he heads off across the fields opposite our house, most mornings, with our eldest son.  Meanwhile our younger son works out regularly to ensure he is at peak fitness, due to being on the rugby, hockey and Athletics teams at school.  Just as Jo Whiley said in her interview in Style, active and sporty children won't be rushing to try smoking. Another worry of mine as the mother of teenagers. So a healthy, fit lifestyle for all of our family can only be a good thing and with major newspapers championing realistic body shapes, I hope my daughters will be confident in their bodies.

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