Monday, 5 August 2013

Encouraging Entreprenurial Spirit

As the summer holidays approached the chair of our primary school PTA came up with an innovative idea to provide the children with a challenge.  They were to be given £2 and had to make it grow during their school holiday.  Ideas were plentiful amongst our three daughters and soon we had a list of money making schemes. As Lucy is no longer at the primary school she wasn't initally included in this scheme, but not to be outdone by her younger sisters I ensured she had permission to join the money making initiative.  Obviously with some children living at quite rural addresses and not all parents are eBay or Etsy savvy, so selling cakes, crafts and other items would prove difficult.  Therefore the idea of a 'Mini's Market' on the village green once a week was born.  So far we have attended two markets and will be attending for the rest of the holidays, weather permitting.  The first week saw Amber making and selling plaited friendship bracelets, Lucy teaching children to decopauge and Kitty selling ready to paint plaster of paris magnets she had made. This week Kitty made playdough to sell, Amber made hairbands, with a little help from me and Lucy made cloudy lemonade, which sold out. Fellow pupils were there selling cakes, flowers, chocolate lollipops, icepops and more! Whilst manning a market stall isn't everyones cup of tea, other children are offering car cleaning services to family and friends and one boy has a busy DVD rental service.

Amber and her stall at the mini market.

The thing I love most about this initiative is watching the children plan their products, gaining an understanding that they have to buy products to resell or ingredients or materials to make their products.  They are learning valuable business skills, from customer service to accounting to reinvestment and producing the goods.  But of course the thing they love most about their Thursday markets is that they get to play with their friends on the village green and in the stream whilst their fab mummy's man their stalls!

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