Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wine Choices for Camping

With a summer of camping ahead I wanted some advice for which were the best wine boxes, as sometimes it is not possible to take glass bottles.  This rule applies especially for festivals and I know I want to take something worth drinking to Camp Bestival. So I have enlisted the help of Helen McGinn of The Knackered Mothers Wine Club to guide me in my choices and hopefully to help you all too.  

Camping Wine: The Essentials

When Zoe asked me for some tips on camping wines I was thrilled, not least because it gives me a chance to talk to you all about bag in box wines. Now, I know they often look horrible and some of them taste really horrible, but pick the right one and you’re sorted. They’re easier to transport than glass bottles. There’s less waste to carry home afterwards and the wine keeps fresher for longer as there’s no air in the bag (wine starts to oxidise once in contact with the air, losing freshness and fruit over time). Here’s the thing: bag in box wines are generally cheaper to produce than bottles so the wine inside – if chosen wisely – can be great value. And they’re definitely a greener option than bottles, which is energy hungry to produce and transport. Win-win, I say. For reds, look for classics like Australian Shiraz (Aldi do a good one, albeit a bit on the light side), Chilean Cabernet or Cotes du Rhone (the Tesco Simply one is brilliant, really spicy and earthy, just right for camping). No need to chill, either! But if you prefer white, go for a Chilean Chardonnay (Waitrose have got one) and stick it in an icebox. They all work out at around £4 per bottle.   

I’ll be at Camp Bestival this year, with my own wine parlour! There’ll be a wine tasting on Saturday, with some of my current favourite wines. Let me know if you’ll be there, would be lovely to meet you. And I’ll save you some wine, obviously. For more information on the Knackered Mother’s Wine Club at Camp Bestival, click here (

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Thank you Helen, I will definitely be trying these this summer and look forward to escaping to your wine parlour at Camp Bestival.

Until next time, take care.

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