Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Almost 40 - A Charity Challenge

As the big 4 0 gets closer I am finding that I want to make sure I do things I have wanted to do for ages.  It's not that I feel time is running out, but I feel now is the time to take on a challenge or two.  No more talking about maybe one day, but actually committing to something.  Since my teens I have worked as a volunteer in various guises, however I have never done anything that really takes me out of my comfort zone, that pushes me hard and truly challenges me.  So next year I am planning on changing this, with ideas for pushing myself harder and making a difference in other peoples lives, through raising funds and giving up my time to volunteer.  Obviously I am a little tied to my studies and placement time but this time next year I will be qualified (fingers crossed).  

So what am I planning on doing?  Well I have always wanted to do the Moonwalk in London.  Why? It will push my fitness, stamina and perseverance to new levels and I actually think it will be amazingly liberating, walking the streets of London through the night in a decorated bra.  But also this is no raise money to support vital work for breast cancer research, a cause closely related to my new career. Another challenge I am seriously considering for next year is one that I have only been aware of very recently.  Cancel Cancer Africa is a breast cancer awareness programme in Africa, helping women in various parts of the continent look for signs of breast cancer and even offer screening to them.  They have announced the schedule of trips for 2015 and either the trip to Ghana or Kenya would fit with my plans next year.  I would travel with them for two weeks, helping raise awareness of breast cancer for women who have limited medical care.  

However breast cancer is not my only interest when it comes to raising funds and volunteering.  I also would love to work with Teenage Cancer Trust in some capacity or take on a challenge for them.  Their work is vital in ensuring teenagers and young adults get care and hospital facilities that better suit their needs.  I would also like to look at working to promote more volunteers helping with listening to children read in the classroom.  This is a vital part of their education and I know from experience that children are not listened to reguarly but having people help once a week makes a huge difference.

It would seem I am going to be busy if I manage to do all of this.  Have you considered pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to raise money for charity? I would love to know if you planning anything special this year or next year.

Until next time, take care.

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