Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Year in Books

Over the festive holiday I discovered a handful of fabulous blogs via Instagram and Pinterest.  I actually think these two are modern day versions of Alice in Wonderland as I often fall down the rabbit hole into a pretty world of newly discovered blogs and websites.  Anyway one of the blogs I found was Circle Of Pine Trees.  I love the simplistic design, the typewriter font and the writing style of it's creator, Laura.  Yesterday she posted about wanting to read more this year and decided to create a regular feature on her blog to share the books she reads.  I related to this post so much, also being a English Literature graduate, having previously lost days under a pile of fantastic storytelling.  But like Laura finding time to read the many books I have in my Amazon wishlist or loaded onto my iPad I loved the idea of commiting to reading one book a month. Surely even in my busy life I could manage this.  I have already decided this year to cut back on my magazine reading to make time for more book reading, so of course I decided to join Laura in this mission.

Quickly reacting to the great response for this challenge, Laura has created a badge (see in my sidebar) and a group on Goodreads for us to share and chat about whatever we have chosen to read.  Unlike a bookclub we each choose our own book, with no restrictions on choice.  So for this month I have chosen to read Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders, one of the funniest ladies ever, of course with Dawn French in that Top 5 too. I tend to only read autobiographies of people I like or am interested in so am really looking forward to reading Bonkers.  

Are you a bookworm or looking to make sure you read more this year? Find out more about The Year in Books here.  I will be sharing my book choices here each month and look forward to discovering new writers and indulging in my favourites too.

Until next time, take care.


  1. I'm so glad that you'll be joining in, Zoe! I look forward to seeing what you choose for your first book. Laura x

  2. Visiting from Laura's link-up! Lovely to meet another bookworm and a fellow busy mother :)