Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy Jars from The Green Gables

Our Date Jar from The Green Gables

There are moments when I actually think people design products specifically with me in mind.  Seriously, I think about or write about something then bam, a few days later a fab product from a wonderful small business pops into my Facebook timeline or Twitter feed!  Well having written about making time for date days with my fabulous husband and making more time to do things with my children, the amazing Gabrielle of The Green Gables launches a new product that makes the perfect accompaniment to my plans.  Happy Jars are the answer to my dilemmas of affordable ways to have fun that we can all plan, taking guidance from the cute little cards packaged with the little bottles of happiness.

Our Family Activity Jar from The Green Gables

As if these two jars weren't enough excitement for a Tuesday evening Gabrielle has also launched an Acts of Kindness Jar.  Full of fun ideas to make a little difference to somebody elses day.  Now that really makes me smile in our crazy busy world. Gabrielle has written this fab blogpost all about her new Happy Jars.  I am sure many of you will agree, they make a perfect gift aswell as a treat that lasts for a while.

Until next time, take care.

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