Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Enjoying Some Downtime

Next week I return to lectures, so having finished my essay I promised myself some downtime this week.  I raided the library for some cookbooks, yes we have shelves full of them but I wanted some new inspiration. So I have been busy baking delicious treats and creating some yummy dinners, thanks to the inspiring Nigella, Jamie and Lorraine.  I hadn't tried any of Lorraine Pascale's recipes before but loving what I have attempted this week, delicious and easy. It's been fab to have time to try new recipes and many I will be adding to my repertoire.  

Tomorrow I am planning a day with my sewing machine and have been busily cutting out fabric earlier ready for some serious stitching.  Then Friday is date day, so fingers crossed the rain goes away so we can have a walk on the beach followed by fish and chips! I know I should be reading up on subject areas to be studied this semester, but I know that the next six months are going to be tough, lots of studying and twelve weeks of clinical practice.  So I am going to enjoy the next few days, completely guilt free, as downtime is good for the soul.

Until next time, take care.

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