Monday, 29 December 2014

Reflecting on Word for 2014

After a lovely break over Christmas, I have returned to my dissertation research today.  Endless cups of tea, comfy jeans and cosy socks are necessities for this task. However I have just popped in here to reflect upon my word for 2014, before the year comes to an end and before I share my word for 2015.  Having spent a while considering my word this time last year, I settled on TIME.  My life had become incredibly hectic and I felt I had no time for anything or was really awful at making time for things. There never seemed enough time to do the fun stuff nevermind the important or necessary things.  

So did choosing time as my word for 2014 have any impact?  This is a question I have pondered over the past couple of weeks and I am pleased to report that yes, it has.  I made sure I found time to sew, to bake, to play Scrabble with the children.  By joining in with The Year in Books, I made sure I found time to read a different book each month.  Whilst I haven't written this blog regularly, I have made time to write and am liking the idea of the slow blogging movement, discussed by Holly on Decor 8.  Another aspect of making more time was the introduction of date days with my husband, walks on the beach, trips out for coffee, became features in my diary and will be continued throughout 2015, with cinema trips and visits to local National Trust houses and gardens added to the list.  

Choosing a word for the year really helped me to focus, especially when I was feeling very stressed trying to juggle the demands of study, family, work and running a house.  As for taking this forward I plan to continue making time for things in 2015.  Yet I have chosen a new word for 2015, which I will share with you later this week.  

Have you chosen your word yet? Be sure to share with me.

Until next time, take care.

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