Monday, 15 December 2014

Dissertation, Word for 2015 & Winter Writing

Well that's all my assignments submitted for this semester, exams completed but there is no rest.  With my dissertation due in at the end of March, I need to get organised.  Thankfully my dissertation supervisor is keeping me to plan but I would really like to just have a little rest and indulge in some Christmas baking and crafting.  However as this week is timetabled as dissertation week, which means I am at home, I think a little compromise is possible. My mornings will be spent working on my dissertation and my afternoons shall indulge my creative side. Perfect!

With the festive holiday fast approaching I am looking forward to slowing down, relaxing and spending time with family.  The time between Christmas and New Year is always very special to me, as I think ahead to the new year.  I am already thinking about my word for the year but as yet am unsure what it shall be.  I will definitely be getting a little help with the inspiring download from Susannah Conway as I fathom what word will be mine for 2015.  Next year is promising to be exciting and scary, as I turn forty, entering a new decade and my studies (for now) will come to an end as I qualify in June, so I will be job hunting.   Also over the holidays I have promised to help my husband make plans for his business for the coming year.  I shall pop on my social media consultant and blog editor head for a little while to help him make even more of a growing business.  Life is never dull in my world!

So with the promise of an exciting new year that will also be filled with plenty of academic writing I have given myself a little present, signing up to the Winter Writing Workshop with Do What You Love.  I want to make some time to write some fiction, developing my style, finding my voice and think this will be the perfect opportunity as I have a little time during the holidays.

I promise to share my word closer to the end of the year and would love to know what your word will be too.  Also say hi if you are also joining the writing workshop.  And for everyone slaving over a dissertation this holiday, I wish you luck and send virtual mugs of tea and biccies.

Until next time, take care.

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