Monday, 11 January 2016

Thoughts of Summer Sun

After a unseasonably warm festive period it would seem winter has decided to arrive as this first week of January closes.  Sat at my desk with a snuggly cardi and fluffy socks to stave of the chill in avoidance of putting the heating on, I am browsing holidays ideas, with dreams of summer sun gently kissing my skin.  Whilst I am ever grateful of living somewhere with four different seasons, sometimes seen all in one day, I do love the warmer days of late spring and summer.  Having already booked my annual leave for the latter weeks of August it's time to think about where we would like to spend these.  As we are not sure if the boys will be joining us this year it does make it a little easier to  find a holiday and of course a little cheaper.  Yet there have always been options having a large family, whether its under canvas, in a cottage but fewer hotel options.  Apart from a trip to Disneyland Paris we have always taken the self catering option, making it easier to feed our brood the food they like and at times that suit us.  Now with palates adapted to a more diverse diet and more flexibility in meal times maybe an all inclusive option could be considered.  

Whilst I would love a fly and flop style holiday, I am not sure how long it would actually be a lovely holiday once there.  As a family we are not used to just sitting around, slowing down a bit during these shorter winter months, so a relaxing holiday probably isn't really for us,  However the option for slower paced days are definitely part of my holiday plans.  So for now I will continue to browse, in and of course out of budget....well a girl can dream can't she!

Until next time, take care.

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