Monday, 18 January 2016

A Note To Final Year Radiography Students

To All Final Year Radiography Students,

Right now it seems like there are not enough hours in the day I'm sure.  With a dissertation deadline getting closer and closer and clinical placement competencies to be met.  Nevermind trying to write your personal statement for job applications, with little time to actually search for Band 5 jobs.  On top of all that you are probably struggling to find time for friends and family, people moaning that you're a rubbish friend, sister, brother, mum or dad.  Everyday you wonder if you are doing the right thing, not even sure you will make that distant day in the summer when you will collect your results, qualify as a radiographer, start that first post as a band 5.  

Now stop, breathe, give yourself a little time off.  Even just half an hour to sit with a cup of tea and watch some rubbish telly, flick through a magazine, wrap up warm and go for a walk.  I know you have so much to cope with right now, but sometimes we need to take a short pause.  Everything will still be there when you press play again but taking time out will help, I promise.  Maybe that paragraph you've been struggling to write will now make sense, you will think of a way to manage your time better, making a plan of action or even feel better prepared to cope with a difficult supervisor on your current placement.  Little things can suddenly seem huge when you are stresssed, difficult mountains to get over.  Taking time out each week will be a huge benefit to you now.  So no more thinking I don't have time to stop.  Make time, write it in your diary, add it to your outlook calendar to make sure you have a little time out.  No more excuses, you need to take care of yourself to make it through the next few weeks.  

Good luck and take care,

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