Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spring is Coming

image source : creature comforts

It's coming, I can feel it's warm breath in the wind, it's teasing heat in the sun, the clear blue skies that grace my horizon.  I can see it in the garden as trees start to share their secrets and brighten our day with their blossom.  As little buds appear on branches and colourful pops adorn the now luscious green grass.

Oh yes I can feel Spring, as I throw open the windows and give the house new breath.  The days seem a little longer, the commute is greeted with daylight and new hope fills the air.  It's time to make plans, clean those nooks we forgot and breathe.....

Until next time, take care.

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  1. I love the poetic way you've written this. I feel Spring coming too and I'm so ready for it to arrive. I keep looking at the tree in the neighbour's garden that backs onto ours and there are buds that will very soon be lovely bursts of pink blossom. I love the feeling of anticipation - seeing the little buds getting ready to open, the slight rise in temperature, the longer days and the sunshine.