Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Retraining - Ideas A Plenty

Once the seed has been sown to change career it is hard to ignore.  Ideas spin around your head at the possibilities.  It is important at this early stage to not ignore even the craziest of ideas.  Maybe joining the circus isn't realistic but training to teach people to ride ponies is possible.  Having brainstormed your ideas the next step is to consider which are viable.  Take time to research your ideas, which will involve taking new qualifications or gaining experience in a chosen field?  Before the reality of cost takes over take the time to explore your ideas.  Armed with the facts it maybe easier to climb any financial obstacles.  

Narrowing down your ideas can be hard, but the more research you do the easier it will be.  Suddenly the appeal of some careers will lose their shine as you realise that actually there are parts of it that you would really hate.  Or maybe you really don't want to spend three, four or more years studying then trying to work your way up a career ladder in a world that tends to favour people in their twenties.  I know that when I researched my ideas there were some that were dismissed at an early stage, as I felt I would be too close to forty once qualified.  Many will disagree that we shouldn't consider our age when looking to retrain, but let's be realistic, there are simply some careers meant for the younger generation.

Having narrowed down your ideas it is now time to gain a realistic insight of your shortlisted careers.  Perhaps arrange a day in the relevant department, this is easily done with nursing and healthcare careers.  Modern internships are a possibility and some seem to be part time so you could maybe reduce your normal working hours whilst experiencing your new career idea.  Grown up work experience is quite a scary concept but could be invaluable in your decision making.  Remember if you don't ask, you don't get, so take the plunge, contact your local architects, law firm, design studio to see if they would accomadate you whilst you consider if this could be the new start you desire.  

Be sure to share with me your ideas and I would love to know if any of you have tried 'grown up work experience'.

Until next time, take care.

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