Friday, 14 March 2014

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

So a few weeks ago we had an email from the boys school, proposing a trip to Everest Base Camp. Wow, I thought, what an adventure that would be.  I didn't for one minute think about the huge cost involved, but just saw the opportunity for them to have an adventure of a lifetime.  They could pack up their backpacks, head up a mountain, be the explorers they loved to pretend to be before school got in the way of their childish imaginations.  I encouraged ideas of the trip, wanting them to be able to do something that they wanted. 

But now reality has set in. The cost is huge, well for us anyway.  In all honesty the cost for what the package involves is reasonable, yet it is beyond our budget.  So we now need to decide, to commit to a decision. We could say yes and aim to raise the money through various fundraising activities or we could say wait, plan a trip after you've graduated from uni, when you have a job.  They are both looking at studying geosciences, so undoubtedly will be heading off to exciting careers up mountains or volcanoes.

Trips like these are physically and mentally tough, would the boys be mature enough to cope? What if something went wrong? What if we had paid all of that money and they got altitude sickness and didn't even make it to base camp? So many what ifs to be considered.  

Adventures can be had at any time in our lives and maybe, in all honesty, they would be better to wait until they are a bit older, earning a living and fund such a trip themselves.  Sometimes opportunities need to be passed by, to be postponed.  Maybe this is one of those times that waiting will be of benefit and actually lead to more adventures.  

Until next time, take care.

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