Monday, 7 March 2016

Becoming a Master of Science

Over the past few weeks I have felt it's almost time to set myself a new challenge.  Having adjusted to working full time and getting to grips with everything my new job entails thoughts have turned to the possibilities of postgraduate studies.  Obviously I love my job, so want to carry on working and know I can juggle study, commuting and working, having done this for three years when retraining.  But the postgrad minefield I am taking baby step onto is throwing up all sorts of challenges.  

There seems to be a good selection of courses available to me, yet the ones I am most interested in would involve moving house or taking a year out.  Neither of which I am wanting to do.  First up there is the MSc in Cancer Studies  at Oxford Brookes University.  Cancer biology and pharmacology had to be one of my favourite modules during my undergraduate studies and this Masters course at Oxford Brookes would definitely further my knowledge of this. But what benefit will this bring to my job?  Actually more than you think as one of the modules is Living with Cancer in Contemporary Society, looking at how cancer challenges personal identity, the cancer journey and survivorship. This would not only aid me now in being a better health professional but in the long term, should I get to be a review radiographer.  There is also a Research Methods module,which of course instantly appeals to me.  So what's stopping me applying?  I live in Suffolk, about 250 miles away from Oxford and as much as I love Oxford, I cannot uproot my family for a year, just so that I can study as sadly this is an attendance only course.  

Next up in my favourite courses list is MSc in Clinical Research at University East Anglia.  A little closer to home, virtually next door to where I work, making it a feasible option when considering location tick boxes.  Also this course is funded by NIHR which will mean financially nothing will change.  Furthermore there is the option to study part time, so effectively I am guessing that I could still be clinical as well.  This option definitely requires further investigation,  Meanwhile I will look at distance learning options, with postgrad courses in Radiotherapy and Oncology at Sheffield Hallam being favoured by other radiographers in my department.  Any guidance or other suggestions are truly welcomed.

Until next time, take care.

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