Sunday, 8 November 2015

World Radiography Day

Today is a very important day for my profession, a day to celebrate everything in the world  of X-rays.  Every year on 8 November it is World Radiography Day. A time to celebrate the progress of this amazing part of health science.  However I also believe it is a fantastic opportunity to promote the profession.  Even though most people have heard of x-rays and scans few people know what radiography or a radiographer is, never mind what they actually do.  In the past when I have mentioned radiotherapy or being a therapeutic radiographer there has even been a comment about being like Fraiser! Oh how that made me smile.....although I think I am more like Roz in this fab comedy show.  Yet I can assure you my job is nowhere nearly as glamorous as hosting a radio show and I am by no means a therapist.

Whenever you have a x-ray or a scan or receive radiotherapy treatment you will be imaged or treated by a radiographer. As part of the allied health professionals workforce we are not nurses or doctors but are an important part of many patients care.  Diagnostic imaging is an incredibly important part of so many peoples visit to hospital, without it doctors would struggle with so many diagnosis.  Radiotherapy is used to treat so many types of cancer and also relies on diagnostic imaging, especially to help minimise dose to normal tissue and protecting patients organs surrounding their tumour.  Whilst it is clear there are different types of imaging, not all involving radiation and with this there are different roles within the world of radiography, I still worry about how misunderstood my profession is. Fear not I am not about to get on my soapbox or start a marketing campaign to promote my profession, well not today anyway!  For now I will happily direct you to the Society of Radiographers website if you want to learn more about radiography, as I head off to the village green for the Rememberance Sunday service.....did you know the armed forces have Radiographers? See there is still so much I need to share about radiography.....

Until next time, take care.

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