Thursday, 3 September 2015

How Does the Renault Grand Scenic Cope with a Camping Trip?

Loaded to the gunnels with  enough camping gear to see us through a week or more we headed off to Camp Bestival in a Renault Grand Scenic.  As the boys had decided to stay at home this year, we had the extra space in the back, as the two rear seats were neatly packed away.  So far, so good, but we were yet to see how comfy this car was on a long journey.

Firstly the navigation system needed some attention, beeping every time you went two miles over the speed limit.  Whilst I agree, this is a great feature however after twenty minutes or so we set this to silent!  Don't worry we are safe drivers and do observe speed limits, but this was definitely an annoying feature.  Having owned a Renault Espace in the past we had always loved all the cubby holes and the dip in the dashboard always seemed perfect for transporting home a baguette.  Yet the Grand Scenic somehow seemed lacking in cubby holes and like most cars these days had a deep dash, probably housing all those electronics that tell us we are two miles over the speed limit!

So that's the negatives out of the way lets consider what is great about this family car.  Most importantly it is very economical.  We tested the Dynamique Tom Tom dCi 110 model and completed the 500 mile round trip, fully loaded, on less than a tank of diesel.  Impressive? Absolutely! Especially as most of this was on motorways and has actually encouraged me to consider a diesel when replacing my car, as a 100 mile round trip four times a week gets pricey.  Yet as it is a diesel model it can feel a little sluggish initially but soon makes up for this midrange.  With economy getting a firm five stars, I would also award interior space and layout combinations the same rating.  Having test driven various cars I am reluctant to award five stars for comfort however the Grand Scenic was by no means the least comfortable car I have driven.  So I think a fair four stars for comfort, although there was ample legroom, which some MPV's lack.  Another plus point for me was the reversing sensors, I am still pants at reverse parking so any gadget or aid is very welcomed.  

Overall the Renault Grand Scenic is an impressive family vehicle, offering ample space.  Although I would recommend a roof box if you were using all seven seats and heading off with a lot of luggage and/or camping gear.  Most impressive for me was fuel economy and I think even on more urban journeys it would fair well in comparison to other family cars.  Would I recommend the Grand Scenic to others? Yes I would, it is a good, sturdy, economical family car that provides the versatility of additional seats.

For the full spec please visit Renualt's website.

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Disclaimer - Thank you to Renault for providing the Grand Scenic for review

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