Friday, 28 August 2015

Being Grateful - Changing Seasons

Any British person will have spent the last few weeks having a little moan about the weather, the rain, the not so warm days that we would expect for summer.  Yes as a nation we are a little obsessed with the weather, it's always a go to topic of conversation.  However today the rain has stopped, the sun is shining and there seems a distinct autumnal feel to this brighter day.  Living in the countryside the landscape changes as the months roll past, with farmers working round the clock right now to clear the fields of crops as harvest time approaches.  The nights are starting to draw in and it's not been quite as light when I crawl out of bed at 5.20am on work days.  But as much as some will moan that summer never really got started, I am thankful to live somewhere that changes every few months.  I cannot imagine living in a place that has a similar temperature daily, that never sees the trees spectacular display on autumnal golds, that never has a late summer hazy glow or bushes filled with berries, plump and ready to be eaten.  Every season offers so many different things and brings with it different moods, recipes and activites.  So instead of moaning about the lack of hot summer days I am getting excited for autumn along with thought of apple and blackberry crumble, finding conkers, digging out my favourite jumpers for walks in the forest or on the beach and of course Saturday evenings watching Strictly and Sunday afternoons crafting with the girls.  

Until next time, take care.

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