Sunday, 24 May 2015

Wow What A Week!

Well it has been a very busy couple of weeks and really quite stressful too, but all worth it.  Last week I visited another hospital to see some treatments that we don't do at my clinical placement site.  Heading to London on the train was a welcome break from my normal commute and I actually caught up on reading my favourite magazines.  A warm welcome greeted me when I arrived and it was really informative seeing how a different radiotherapy worked.  Taking time to organise elective placements was important to me and I still have a couple more in the next few weeks.  So if you are offered the chance for electives, take it, go somewhere that does something that you haven't seen, ask questions, be interested in other staffs and departments approaches to treatment.

This week has been even busier and really quite stressful.  My final assignment was due in on Friday and I had my first interview for a newly qualified radiographer job.  No pressure then! Also just to add to the mix, dissertation results were released on Thursday, just hours before my interview.  I managed to get the assignment done and dusted by Wednesday and finished off revising for my interview on my study day.  With shaking hands I nervously logged on to the uni website at 6am on Thursday to get my dissertation results......a 1+.....I had to look three times to be certain.  To be honest it still hasn't quite sunk in but I am absolutely thrilled, all the hard work paid off.  For months I had given up my weekends, reading journal articles, getting to grips with research methodologies, writing my dissertation.

Off I headed for interview, nervously entering my placement hospital, hoping that I could perform well enough to be offered a job.  I came away feeling it had gone well but not convinced I would get the job, having got in muddle about a planning technique!  Also having prepared for all sorts of scenario questions I was disappointed that the interview questions hadn't really covered these.  But there was no need to panic, I got the job.  I am so pleased to be joining the team at my placement hospital as a Band 5 radiographer, I am sure knowing the staff and how things are done within the department will be very beneficial as I start my new career.

So a busy week indeed! Whilst I can't guess my final degree classification I am closer to being awarded a first.  I never dreamed of that when I began this journey nearly three years ago.  Just five more weeks and I will know the outcome.

Good luck to all student radiographers heading off to interviews in the coming weeks and for results day.

Until next time, take care.

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