Thursday, 11 February 2016

Take Me On A Journey

image source - Lisa Barbero on Etsy

A sprinkle of sunshine on a chilly day has turned my thoughts to adventures in the warmer summer months.  Packing a bag, flying away, having an adventure.  With the children getting older plans to travel on our own seem less of a distant horizon.  Yet family adventures are still to be had and I hope for many more years to come, even when our hair is a little greyer, our bones a little creakier, adventures as a family will hopefully still be sought.  

With a hunger for culture, offering sights, scents and tastes to expand my mind and probably my middle, I want to take a trip to many cities.  But tiny islands can captivate our minds and senses in similar ways, tasting traditional recipes created in tavernas passed down through generations, overlooking bays with boats bobbing in a sparkling sea. Italy has always held a place in my heart, feeding my mind, body and soul. Tired feet, having spent days walking along narrow streets, navigating busy roads in cities can quickly be rejuvenated on sandy beaches, whilst the children can head out to sea in toppers, catching the breeze in their sails, returning to shore with sun kissed skin and salt in their hair.

So today as I continue in earnest with my decluttering my thoughts will be taking me off an adventure on cobbled streets, eating sundried tomatoes, olives and sipping an aromatic espresso or chianti in the warm Italian sunshine. Where will your next adventure be taking you?

Until next time, take care.

This post is my entry for the #MarkWarnerMum blogger competition, in the creative writer category. 

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