Friday, 5 June 2015

Finished My Degree!

Well that's it, I have finished my degree. Yesterday I worked my final shift as a student radiographer. Emotions only got the better of me when I said my thank yous and goodbye to my clinical lecturer.  Over the past three years she has been there, when it all got too much, when I really wasn't sure I would make it to the end.  Without her I am not sure yesterday would have happened, that I actually finished.  To have a good clinical lecturer is a blessing and I actually feel I should have handed her a bottle of good champagne rather than flowers yesterday, as she wasn't just good she was incredible and feel very fortunate to call her a friend and to be working with her very soon.

Deciding to start the degree took time, there were days when I walked in to the hospital and questioned myself, my decision to retrain.  Taking any degree is hard, but taking a health degree can be incredibly tough.  Deadlines loom when you are in the middle of a ten week placement block, the job you do is stressful and you are constantly learning during every shift you work. Throw homelife in to the mix, teenage tantrums, GCSE's and AS exams, new schools, as well as everybody getting used to me not being around so much.  Nevermind giving up an income and getting used to commuting to placement. Whilst my clinical lecturer was there when I had a wobble, Andy and the children were my support at home.  Without encouraging words, a shoulder to cry on, an understanding look when I was particuarly stressed with my dissertation, I may not have made it.  Andy is my rock and his support these past three years has been incredible.  Even on my most stressful days my children made me laugh, reminded me that they were one of the reasons I chose to retrain.

But I did it, I finished and three weeks today I will qualify.  When people ask what I do for a living I can proudly say, 'I'm a radiographer'.  

Until next time, take care.


  1. Congratulations Zoe. You will clearly be a wonderful and dedicated asset to the team in your career.

    1. Thank you, honoured to be joining the profession.