Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making Plans

For the past week or so there has been a sense that Spring is just around the corner.  It's starting to get light when I leave the house at 6am and it is still light as I head to my car after a long day shift at 5.30pm.  These longer days make me feel less tired and also mean on the days I am at the hospital on placement I actually see daylight!  Also with my dissertation almost completed with less than three weeks until hand in day, I am starting to make plans.  

Thankfully I will have two weeks off for the Easter holidays, to rest and recuperate or actually to bake, get out in the garden, take some time to try some new recipes for dinners, read the pile of magazines I subscribe to that I have neglected.  All the things I love but because of my dissertation have been limited.  Suddenly I will have time again! Yes I need to revise for my exam at the beginning of May and think about my final assignment. But I am also going to make time to do all the other things I love.  My word for this year is embrace and so far I have encompassed this in everything I have done.  So for the Easter holidays I am going to embrace the fact that I have some free time.  This is really important to me as I will hopefully be starting a full time job from July, once qualified, so this is effectively my last lazy student break.  

Aswell as making the most of the Easter hols we are starting, as a family, to think about the Summer.  Plans for the agrden are taking shape, decorating jobs are being planned and we are hoping to head back to Lulworth Castle for Camp Bestival.  This is our favourite weekend of the year, a time we all can switch off our phones and enjoy some uninterrupted family time.  Another job on my list for the Easter hols is to finally sort out the photos from last years Camp Bestival to pop into frames of create some fun collages.  

Are you busy making plans now the days are getting longer?  I would love to hear what you have planned.

Until next time, take care.

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