Sunday, 27 April 2014

Growing Into Our Home

I know people tend to say that you need to grow into your house, before making it a real home.  Well we have certainly done this.  Having moved here three and half years ago, we whizzed through, making quick updates to a very tired old decor, replaced the kitchen and had central heating fitted.  Then we stopped, not quite sure what to do next.  Slowly we have changed different pieces of furniture to better fit this house, made plans for different rooms.  But in the past couple of weeks, perhaps as a distraction from my huge workload, Andy and I have been thinking hard about how to make our home work better for our family.  The children are getting older and over the next few years we will be waving them goodbye as they head off to uni and then to grown up lives of their own.  This is quite a scary thought, my babies are not little anymore.  
However this has had an impact on our decorating ideas, on how we plan to utilise the space we have.  Whilst I hate thinking about my little birdies leaving the nest it is also quite liberating to know we can choose furniture that doesn't have to be toddler friendly.  For years we have had a lovely leather sofa, partly brought due to the easy cleaning option, but now I find myself looking wistfully at fabric upholstered sofas and chairs when we visit the huge Next At Home store down the road in Martlesham.  

We know our plans will take a couple of years to come to fruition, time and money restrictions slowing us down.  But this also means we can indulge in the planning stage, so I am sure I will be adding plenty of inspiration to my Pinterest boards over the coming months!

Are you busily planning a revamp in your home, making small or dramatic changes? Exciting isn't it?

Until next time, take care,


  1. I've got a huge house inspiration board at the moment (although it's private as it has boring stuff like appliances on it too). I'm hopefully moving house in 3 weeks time to somewhere very different from my current place. It's exciting that there is so much potential but like you money is an issue so it will have to be a little step at a time.

  2. An exciting time for you :) I'm sure you will find plenty of inspiration on pinterest. Its always great for DIY ideas to help keep costs low.
    Hope the move goes well xx